Neochoraki is located in the southeast of Thiva and at a distance of 6km. It has a population of 515 inhabitants according to the 2011 census.

It is located behind the firing range of the Artillery Training Center (KEPV) of Thiva and borders the forest of Moschopodi. Visitors can get there by taking the exit of Thiva towards Erythres.

According to the community’s archives, in 1750 the village was located elsewhere, in the place of GOLEMI (a name that comes from Gholem Samuel Pasha of the region during the Turkish occupation, whose tsifliki was), with the name PACHAIOCHORI, opposite the Monastery of Aghia Paraskevi.

After the Revolution of 1821, the Turks left and destroyed the village. The remaining villagers rebuilt the village. They came and settled in the location of DIELEZA in the area of Aghia Kyriaki. The present village used to be a forest.

Until early 1954, the name of the village was Neochori. Since 16/5/1954 in the minutes of the community it is referred as Neochoraki to distinguish it from Neochori of the Municipality of Aliartos-Thespieon.

A few kilometers outside Neochoraki is the Monastery of Aghia Paraskevi. In the place GOLEMI, in the times of the Turkish occupation, and even before 1821, there was a very small church dedicated to Aghia Paraskevi. This small chapel, half-vacant, unkempt, covered and lost in bushes, weeds and wild trees, was many times the refuge of the fighters.
After the liberation, the inhabitants of the area raised money, bought the plot of the temple from the local grand clergy and built there a new and larger temple. The church that stands today in the Monastery was built in 1969 and is the catholic of the Holy Monastery of Aghia Paraskevi. The Monastery celebrates on July 26th.

Also, just outside Neochoraki on the provincial road Thiva-Neochoraki, the Municipal Public Benefit Corporation of the Municipality of Thiva operates a Traffic Education Park for children of pre-school and school age, aiming to teach them the correct way to act both as future car drivers and as pedestrians. CONTACT PHONE: 2262028062, 29729.