Virtual Reality Hall

The project is the second part of the overall project “Virtual Reality Applications in Viotia: Trophonius Oracle and Mycenaean Thebes”, which aims to develop the rich historical, archaeological and cultural heritage of Viotia using innovative scientific and technological methods and make it accessible to the Greek and international public.

It entails the creation of the “Boeotia Digital Cultural Encyclopedia” that will be available online, and the virtual representation of the palace of Mycenaean Thebes.

It was funded by the project “Digital Convergence” and is the result of the strategic cooperation with the Foundation of the Hellenic World, which had entered the Prefecture of Viotia, its Development Company (BAEPAE) and the Municipality of Thiva, with the direct and multifaceted support of the 9th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, based in Thiva.

The virtual representation of the Mycenaean Palace of Thebes was installed in an area of the Conference Center of Thiva (1 L. Belou Street), which was arranged on its ground floor (Alcmeni hall) and is a pole of attraction for school students, associations, institutions and citizens from all over the country.

Right next to it there are PCsthat give access to the Boeotia Digital Cultural Encyclopedia.

Informationon the opening hours of the screening room:
22620 29729, 22620 28062

“Alcmeni” Hall – Conference Centre of Thiva (1 Belou Street)