Thiva, with its seven hills and seven gates

One of the most important cities in the world, in the heart of Greece, is awaiting visitors to introduce them to an unforgettable travel experience. A tour to the monasteries and churches of Thiva is an ideal combination to enjoy the natural landscape and get to know the rich religious heritage of the region.

Religious treasures

Thiva: So close to the sea

Unique Tourism Option

Thiva city itself is clearly a unique tourism option. It is the perfect base for a relaxing family holiday, for a short thematic trip, for enjoying winter sports or exploring its unique culinary delights in the summer, after a swim in the emerald beaches of the nearby areas.

Places and villages

Customs and traditions

Mayor’s greeting

Welcome to the tourism website of the Municipality of Thiva, a webpage that fully utilizes modern technology and is a powerful tool for promoting and showcasing our identity. presents the timeless archaeological, historical, natural wealth and cultural heritage of our land, setting it in the modern era, while also providing visitors with all necessary information to organize their trip to our Municipality.

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