Thiva, one of the most important cities in the world, in the heart of Greece, with its seven hills and seven gates, awaits visitors to induct them to a unique travel experience. The British newspaper “Telegraph” in 2016 included Thiva in its travel feature as one of the 20 oldest cities in the world.

With very easy access, being quite close to Athens, Thiva is a destination that has plenty to offer travellers. A modern city, in a magnificent natural environment that combines mountain and sea, with plenty of archaeological sites and religious monuments and a lively character, is a safe and at the same time surprising travel choice in the heart of Viotia.

Archaeological treasures

Thiva is an ancient territory, which gave birth to myths and inspired tragic poets. In the wider region you will find places that are dream destinations for travellers from all over the world. Apart from Thiva itself, you will get to explore other mythical places.

Travellers based in Thiva will get to know Plataea and Lefktra, will visit Alyki, the ancient port of Tipha or Tiphae of the Thespians, the place where the mythical Argo of Jasonwas constructed, and will explore Homer’s Thisvi. The many monuments and archaeological sites of the wider area of Thiva fascinate visitors from all over the world.

Byzantine recollections

The Byzantine and Christian monuments of Thiva form a path of spirituality and are irrefutable witnesses of a place blessed throughout the centuries.

Major monasteries and religious sites such as the Monastery of St. Luke the Evangelist with the tomb of the Saint, the Monastery of St. Dimitrios-Great Virgin Mary with the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, work of the Evangelist Luke, the early Christian catacomb of St. Catherine, Panagia Lotzia ( Metropolitan Church of Thiva) and many other religious places in and around Thiva, call visitors to a profound pilgrimage but also to an acquaintance with places of incredible beauty and tranquility.

Enchanting landscapes

The lush green landscape, Kitheronas and Heliconthe majestic lake Yliki, the small villages around Thiva, in perfect harmony with nature, the emerald and peaceful beaches, the numerous activities and outdoor sports that travellers can enjoy every season of the year, along with the authentic gastronomy and the numerous nightlife options, complete the image of a destination that can truly offer everything.

Thiva and its territory awaits you all year round for a high quality travel experience, combining an enjoyable tour with the discovery of a mythical place. Whether for a weekend getaway or a longer leisure trip, Thivais the ideal destination for all four seasons of the year.



The British newspaper “Telegraph” in 2016 included Thiva in its travel feature as one of the 20 oldest cities in the world.