Monasteries and Churches

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Religious attractions in Thiva

In Thiva and the wider area of Viotia visitors will come across a large number of large monastic complexes and churches, decorated with elaborate sculptures, brilliant mosaics and frescoes, testifying to the richness of the place and its direct connection with the artistic workshops of the capital.

There are dozens of early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and monasteries with impressive paintings, rare icons and sacred relics, creating a stunning world.

A tour to the monasteries and churches of Thiva is an excellent combination of enjoying the natural scenery and getting to know the religious wealth of the region, but also an opportunity for the traveller to become acquainted with some of the most important religious monuments of Greece and the wider Christian tradition.

More information about the Holy Churches and the Holy Monasteries that are located in the area of the Municipality of Thiva can be found on the website of the Holy Metropolis of Thiva and Livadia

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