As the visitors follow the exit of the city of Thiva towards the national road and after passing the air bridge, they meet the village of Mouriki, which is located next to the picturesque lake Yliki, which, together with Paralimni, is the most precious jewel of the region.

The name of the village revives the rich mulberry trees of the past. Northeast of Mouriki is the settlement of Platanaki. In these two settlements there are taverns with delicious local meat dishes, which are worth visiting after a tour of the beautiful lakes. A visit to the stone chapel of Prophet Ilias (in Mouriki) is also worth it. From there the view of Yliki is simply breathtaking…

On the occasion of the construction of an asphalt road crossing of OSE on the provincial road Thiva-Mouriki and 2km north-east of the centre of Thiva, a large cemetery of the old town was revealed. The area was located outside the walls of the city in the Aonion pedion. In an total area of 3,400 square metres, were found 843 graves and burial enclosures. The research revealed more than 100 tombstones, 7,000 vases and numerous small objects. An ancient road of great width, made of hard pressed earth and gravel, was also discovered. It must have been the road described by Pausanias, which led to the Boeotian shores of southern Evian Gulf and Chalkida.

Most of the residents of Mouriki are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.