Ampelohori is located six kilometers to the west of Thiva. After Agia Triada there is the junction from which visitors will meet the settlement of Ambelochori. It is built between hills at an altitude of 300 meters. It has a population of 314 inhabitants according to the 2011 census.

Ambelochori was called Ambelosalesi until 1927, when it was named Ambelochori. In the year 1770 it was the property of Sali Agha, a voivode and wealthy Turk, who had many properties in Boeotia, among them Dervenosalesi and Kakosalesi.

Its inhabitants are farmers and stockbreeders.

It is for Athenians a way out to nature on weekends because of its taverns, where one can eat delicious lamb or goat meat and locally produced feta cheese.